Thursday, September 17, 2009


first of all, i am a terrible blogger. it is decidedly so.

secondly, and the reason for this that my wonderful husband and i were able to get away for an evening together without caleb! we went up to denver on friday afternoon. we checked into the hyatt place and went off to dinner and a movie. A REAL DATE!!! we went to california pizza kitchen and then off to see '500 days of summer'. neither of us had any expectations for that movie. but i REALLY liked it!! i'd see it again in a heartbeat. on the way home from the theater we stopped at the cheesecake factory and picked up a piece of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to take back to the hotel with us. can i get a "yum yum"? it was heaven in my mouth and i enjoyed every bite. (i'm drooling right now thinking about it!) let's just take a moment and reflect on it's awesomeness.


the next day, jeff and i went to REI and just took our time and wandered the store. that does NOT happen normally when we have an active three year old in tow! they were actually having a mini garage sale for REI members while we were there. so, being the responsible REI members we are, we had to check out the fun stuff they had for a bargain. and a bargain we found!! jeff scored a pair of $140 shoes for $5!! that's right, $5!!! they were worn once and whoever had them didn't like how they fit, so he returned them. since they were worn, they couldn't re-sell them on the floor. they only had the one pair, in the one size...and it was jeff's!! that made his day!

we did some more wandering around park meadows mall...which we loved...and then found our way home.

i'm SO thankful to my sister dawn and her family for taking caleb friday night and my mom and dad who had him saturday. we wouldn't have been able to escape for our overnight without them! THANK YOU!

i know it probably doesn't sound like much...but jeff and i were able to have some time to just be together...with no interruptions...and just reconnect and love on each other. we needed it.

now, i look forward to another escape...with my sissy and my mommy to Denver to attend Women of Faith this weekend. YAY! can i just say i'm SO looking forward to it? i pretty much know that God wants me there this weekend. i can't wait!