Friday, December 3, 2010

i'm baaaack!

ok, so, SO much has happened since i've blogged last. i've stayed away from posting new stuff because i didn't know how to 're-start' since i can't recap EVERYTHING in one post! so, after some wise advice from my mother...'start where you are today'. so, here i am, starting from where i am today. yay!

but i WILL give you a VERY QUICK recap:

caleb is in preschool and LOVING it! he is doing great and has some great new friendships too. preschool is awesome!

our sweet girl maisie was born august 4th and we are loving every moment! she is a doll. she is healthy, happy and such a blessing (as each of my kids are!). and i CAN'T believe that she'll be 4 months old tomorrow! where has the time gone?

jeff participated in Movember. i think the picture speaks for itself. for real though, i love that he did it. the lip sweater is gone now though. bye bye mo! see you next year?

another big thing for me, i started as an independent consultant with Thirty-One gifts! i LOVE LOVE LOVE it! i started because i wanted to be home with the kids, but still wanted to contribute a little financially to my family...maybe pay for groceries each month. it's become so much more! i love what i do and what i sell. i love that i work for a faith based company that really cares about it's team. i am super blessed to be apart of Thirty-One! come check out my website to see more!

i hope this the first of MANY new posts and updates about our little family.