Tuesday, June 30, 2009

potty training 101

so we decided that this is the summer that we will potty train caleb.

actually, it really wasn't a choice. he started reacting to something in his diapers and would get a rash if he wore them for an extended amount of time. (and i don't mean only 1 diaper all day!)

SO...big boy underpants, here we come!

he actually is doing quite well i think. just a few accidents in the beginning...but now...he's standing up going pee pee in the potty like a big boy and he's rocking the boxer briefs.

a couple of things happened today that made me smile at his progress!! we were in walmart doing our weekly trip for groceries,etc. and we're in the checkout line...all of our items on the belt...and i hear a little voice from the cart say...'momma, i have to pee pee.' well. what a conundrum. what's a mom to do? do i leave the check out line and get him to the potty ASAP? or do i just let him go in his pants (he did have a pull up on mind you)? i took the easy way out and said, 'listen honey, if you can hold it, we'll go to the potty after we check out and pay.' all the while thinking...he'll just pee in his pull up.

we went through a L O N G process at checkout with coupons, price adjustments and slow bagging. and sure enough...the boy held it. i had assumed he didn't and started to head to the door... and once again i hear that little voice...

'momma, i have to go pee pee now.'

'did you hold it honey?'


so we bolted to the restroom, run into a stall...i pulled off his pull up and shorts...stuck him on the potty and...

TA DA!! he did it. i was beaming.

then, to top off my proudness (i know, not a word, but i like it) we got home and after unloading the packages, eating lunch and playing with some cars...

'momma, i have to go poo poo'.

now this is an area of challenge for caleb. last week, he pooped in his underpants twice.
TWICE, in like, two days. OY.

back to the story.
off to the potty.
sure enough...my son, once again in the same day, impressed me!! he did it!

such a big boy.

jellybeans were the treat of choice. he deserved each one. and if it wasn't coming up on naptime...i would have given him more.


  1. Yay for Caleb! These are the little successes that helps make a mom's day go from "everyday" to "unbelievable day". Good for you, Caleb!

  2. Oh gosh I love that little boy! Thanks for sharing potty stories with us all. :) Makes for a better day.