Thursday, June 4, 2009

reality's a weakness

part of me hates reality tv. the part of me that misses straight-up sitcoms with the laugh tracks, cheesy jokes and the slow music at the end of the show to point out the moral lesson.

then there is the part of me that gets hooked on the made up drama that is edited 'just so' to make every participant look like the character the producers want to portray. the part of me that wants 'a nobody' to become 'somebody'...even if it is tied to an overly dramatic rose ceremony.

currently the reality shows i'm hooked on are 'the bachelorette' (which i'll address another time) and 'so you think you can dance'.

i just can't seem to help myself.

i'm so excited that tonight, we'll get to watch 20 'nobodys' get launched into the spotlight as the top 20 dancers. it makes me wish i could dance like that. my husband doesn't like to watch the show because one of the judges, mary, drives him CRAZY every time she screams/squeals/screeches when she likes what she sees on the dance floor. so i usually put my son to bed, bust out the DVR, curl up and watch my guilty pleasure. usually there is also ice cream involved.

stay tuned and i'll post my faves. cause i always have faves.

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  1. I'm right there with you, Kerr. Same two shows. Only difference is our whole family watches SYTYCD. i was gonna post on this show today too...still might. we'll see if I get inspired.